"Building Up" 191 Old School Road, Nolalu, ON Canada P0T 2K0
Chief Executive Officer &
Journeyman Carpenter
Dan Skaarup
Inter-provincially Licensed Journeymen Carpenters and Building Code Experts with close to 2 decades of experience in Residential Construction. We take pride in Building Better Homes For Better Prices with the motivation of providing housing for ALL types of Families and Budgets. We have teams of Highly skilled Tradespeople that with Our Quality Control ensures each project is done Efficiently, Beautifully and most important of all, To Code. We are a Family oriented company that started in 2005 doing small renovation contracts and we have since grown into a 7 figure real estate development operation.
To provide affordable and beautiful homes for the hard working families of Thunder Bay and surrounding area
To continue to grow and develop Thunder Bay and Fort William First Nations
To improve the housing standards of less fortunate families